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We strongly believe in our clients business…our sterling edge. Hence, we go all out to create suitable, top-notch and built-to-last (BTL) I.C.T solutions with goals to affect the bottom line.


Simfet Technologies is an indigenous I.T solution provider with expertise in Networking, Hardware Security, Website Development and Energy solution. We strive to give the best solution in every project we handled.


We design, survey and implement telecommunication expansion for wire line networks for copper and fiber optics which involves networks civil works design, civil works implementation


We have a mission to creating excellent services and built to last solution delivered with the utmost professionalism, aimed at adding long term value to our clients business using modern I.T solution skills and tools.


Hardware, Networking & Fibre Optics

Our core service is hardware maintenance and networking of computers together with option to power the network internet with fiber optics solution.

Consulting & Training

Clients come to us for our expertise in I.C.T consultation and training cum Human Resource Management. Our consultation,management and training span across I.C.T and related fields with hope to provide turn-key solution for SME’S, large Firms and Government as well as empowering the youth.

Web Design/Development

We create modern, semantic, mobile responsive and interactive web solution for our clients by merging beauty with functionality with aim to convert potential visitors to customers. Our design are bespoke with strong user interface and experience.

Software & Mobile App Development

Our team are experts in software design, web application and mobile app development. We create desktop and mobile apps with strong user interface and experience (UI/UX) as well as meet client expectations.

Security Surveillance & Fire Alarms Protection

Simfettech ensures standard and bespoke security surveillance solution and fire alarm systems. We analyze, install, support and maintain the hardware and software use to power your CCTV and Fire Alarm Systems.

Power & Energy Mangement

We are expert in solar energy installation and management. We analyze your energy need and provide the best solution for your homes and offices with right prices and high-grade quality solar parts.


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Semantic Website Solution

We make our Clients happy and put their web project at a global standard level. People seek our web solution because we create contemporary websites that meets global standards features. Our site are fast loading, semantic, search engine optimized, secure, scalable, with strong user interface and experience.

  • Mobile Responsive 99.5% 99.5%
  • Search Engine Optimized 85% 85%
  • Intuitive UI/UX 95% 95%
  • Semantic Content Mangement System 92% 92%
  • Scalability & Security 90% 90%

Excellent Hardware & Networking Solution

Our sterling edge is in hardware installation/maintenance, networking of computers and fiber optics solution. Clients trust us because we render bespoke enterprise solution by analyzing their need and meeting their expectation. We simply make things work for effective business coordination using computers.

  • Communication
  • Project Update
  • Technical Support
  • Project Management
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Strong Customer Support

In I.T world, there must be a strong, tactical and friendly support and we provide this in many ways. Our support team are patient, easy and very responsive to questions with ability to guide and solve every aspect of intended solution requested.


Quality Output


Delivery Speed

We assure you a mobile responsive website…our sterling edge.

  • Friendly Mobile Interface 90% 90%
  • Modern look and feel 99% 99%
  • Scalability & Support 95% 95%


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